Every damn day, we assume someone will do something. Something will happen this or that way. Someone will say something. Someone don’t do something.

Do you know what?

You can’t predict anyone actions! You can’t be sure that your friend will do something even when you have told him to do it. Your spouse may not act like you do. Your boss may do something you can’t understand even 1%.

They aren’t you. They don’t know what you want. Yes, that might hurt a little bit. For you, everything seems so obvious – why the fu*k aren’t they doing like they should?

Assuming all the time is bad. It makes you feel bad. You’ll disappoint. You start generating different reasons why someone won’t do something. Our brain is powerful, we can see an elephant when there’s actually a small mouse. Or maybe there’s nothing.

That’s the way it is.

Stop assuming. If you want something, go and say. Say what you assume. And then you can see the real magic. Things start rolling.

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And if things are still not moving after you have said what are your thoughts and you can’t stand that another party is acting differently, maybe then you should think about some other plan, maybe you need to change something (yourself or your everyday life, for example)?