How do you like to spend your weekends?

Are you going to work your ass off? Are you going to achieve something?

Are you skipping time with friends?

Or are you going to drink and party often?

Which one suits you best?


Your future.

This “small” decision matters. A lot. Today, tomorrow and next weekend you will create your future. And if you do it right, you’ll create your dreams.

Almost every time when I happen to spend my weekend not doing anything productive, I can think only some things. And they are my dreams. Every time when I happen to attend a party (which happens very seldom, thank god), I think about doing what I really love. And I realize that these places aren’t for me (clubs, parties etc.). I WANT to work. I want to go to places I love. I want to talk with interesting people about topics I like (personal development, work, design, branding, entrepreneurship etc.). And as you can guess – drinking and partying wasn’t on the list.

For me, the decision is made. Luckily I realized it pretty quickly. For me, there isn’t anything worse that bad feeling next morning which means that my day is wasted.

I prefer to eat healthy food, skip alcohol and do something good with my time (it can be working, spending time with my family, learning something new or having A GOOD conversation with 1-2 people with whom I have something common, or it can be some concert that I REALLY enjoy). This way I can be sure that I achieve my dreams.


What’s your decision? 

I think you know it by now. Just make sure that you follow your heart. Do what you really like. Don’t do things to like others. Start thinking more about tomorrow. Your life matters. Make sure you act accordingly.

(Yes, of course, there are and can be exceptions – every situation is different and people are different. You don’t need to work every weekend. Just don’t complain. Do what you do but make sure that you will be closer to your dreams every day.)

  • I think you’re spot on Margus about identifying what it is you love.

    I think the key is then to take a constructive view at your ‘dreams’, break it down and plan weekly objectives to get there. Too often we allow “life” to get in the way. Time to start seeing projects and plans as a way to facilitate change!

    Great article Margus and a very important question raised!

    • Margus Veeber

      Thanks for good words 🙂