We all have been different experiences with different persons and their personalities. Good or bad. I tend to take a long time to think before I really can make big steps with some person.

But to get to the point – how can you REALLY get to know the person? I have 4 different tips that I have all tried. Depending on the person, you can use only one or multiple of them. Read and analyze them and let me know which have worked for you and do you have some more tips.

To really get to know a person, try to…

Travel together.

When I was a teenager, I noticed that some people turned to be quite upsetting and disturbing when I spent more than 1 week together with them. From this time, I have promised myself that when a person starts upsetting me after one week, I will not start a business with them or do something else that has a long impact on my life. I can still be friends with them, but just don’t do anything THAT important together.

NB! You should spend at least 1 week traveling together to really get to know a person.

Start/do a business together.

Another great (but sometimes harmful) way to get to know someone’s personality is to start a business together. When dealing with business tasks, you will probably face so many different situations. Can you find solutions together? What about hard times (see point no.4)? What about money? How another person acts when s**t hits the fan? Do (s)he keeps his/her promises? Trust me, you will learn a lot about another person this way. It may take 1 month or 24 months, but eventually, you will get a clear picture about each other personalities. Hope everything works out fine for you. Just make sure that you know when to quit this kind of partnership when things aren’t going well (when another party betrays you, steals, lies etc.)

I have had a couple this kind of experiences. For example, once it took me over 12 months to realize other person bad sides and negative effects to the business. Better late than never 🙂

“Over time, you’ll start to notice that some people aren’t just worth it anymore.”

Live together / spend a lot of time together.

In some part, this can be compared with the first point. But when this is possible, try to spend a lot of time together. You’ll see how this person acts when he feels comfortable (even too comfortable). Usually, everything goes well. I, for instance, have spent a long time together with one of my best friends and I know his personality very well. This helps me very well because you can really go deep with this kind of person – you know that you can trust him, what are his weak sides (we all have ones!), strong ones etc.

This should be done minimum 2 weeks, but a couple of months (or even years) will usually give you a better picture of another person character.

Face hard life situations together.

Uncomfortable situations will reveal a person true essence. You can truly see if this person is good for you or not. You can see how nervous they are, how they can act in different situations etc. Hard situations are different in life. For example, when I was still in school, I saw how one person freaked out (stressed out, angry, nervous) after every math task. For me, this is a sign that this person can’t handle hard situations. Another example is when something doesn’t go like you planned – maybe some business clients backed out, the car broke down etc. These situations show you very well how another person acts. And it tells you a lot 😉

For me, this was the earliest indicator that I started to follow.


People are different. Some are worth the second chance. Some aren’t giving out their true character so quickly. Analyze every person. Just make sure that you can count on your friend/partner when needed and you can achieve amazing things together.