Do you want to know how I find ideas about what to write?

I constantly analyze my life, different situations, and other people. Period. And that’s how I have always something to write about. I do not need to have some kind of epiphany to have ideas. I just take time, think about my own life and voilaa!

And it’s a good feeling. It gives me a possibility to go deep. To really see what influences me, why I or someone else acts somehow etc.

How to analyze your life?

I’ll give you some questions which you can ask yourself every day. They help me – I’m sure that they will help you too!

  • What caused that (certain situation)?
  • Why I’m not happy today?
  • Why do I like this action?
  • What made me happy today?
  • Why this person does what (s)he does?
  • Why I reacted this way?
  • Can this situation be resolved differently?
  • How can I make this better?

Every action has a reason. If you do not like something, there are certainly something that causes that feeling. But you need to go deep inside you to realize that.

Analyzing can take time. You probably do not figure out all the answers today or tomorrow.

For example, I have analyzed myself for years now (especially last 2 years) and I haven’t found answers to some questions until now. It takes the time to figure some things out. That’s normal.

When you see opportunities in your life, you’ve got to analyze, ‘Why was that choice given to me?’  –  Tom DeLonge

Last advice.

It’s easy to analyze things in our head. But do you know what takes it to the next level?


Start writing down your thoughts. Open new Word document. Use Evernote. Start a blog if you would like to. Start writing a journal (I really love Day One app – so I can use it on my mobile and also on my computer). See what suits you best.

When you start writing things down, you have an extra storage to use. People will not remember everything always. It’s good to read your own thoughts later.