Do you want something to do? Do you want to buy something? Want to experience anything?

Do it! Spoil yourself today. You need to enjoy life.

Want to drink wine? Drink it.

Want to read a book? Read!

Want to buy that gadget? Buy it. 

Want to spend your time with someone? Let him/her know 🙂

Want to drive somewhere? Go!

Want to work all night long? Do it!

Enjoy today something that you wouldn’t do otherwise.


PS! I don’t say that you should start buying everything non-useful or to start drinking (your own responsibility) every day. My point here is that just chill one day, do something that you really want to do (even when it’s working) and enjoy this moment. Nowadays this hustle and saving mentality makes us sometimes forgot that there’s also a present which can be enjoyed. Which you should do.