Being unhappy with the current situation.

One day when I was trying to do the work, I suddenly realized something. I didn’t have so much motivation to do my things with my agency. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t enjoying my day. And I started thinking about it.

Suddenly I realized that I’m not doing all the things that motivated me to start my branding agency. I started looking my old files and documents where I had written my plans and saved inspiring pictures. And with this simple thing, I got so energized. I just realized that I still have that willpower to do my things and be happy same time. I just need to make some changes and change a course – they way I wanted it to be at the beginning.

I started my branding agency because I loved the idea of working remotely. I can’t stand working in some precise location day after day. I loved the idea that I can make my own working hours. I loved the idea that I can start helping businesses with branding strategies and stunning visual identities.

But I wasn’t living that life fully. I usually did my work at home, I still had that “I should work during normal hours + in the evening too” and I wasn’t finding the right type of work. I had fallen into comfort-zone.

That all will change from now. I have an opportunity to work from every place. Find new clients from every city and country. I can find the right jobs for me. I can give value to awesome businesses. I can grow my business the way I want! I can be always happy!

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Why did you start something?

What was the true reason why you started this thing (your entrepreneurial journey, new life chapter etc.)? What motivated you at first? What made your eyes shine?

Take some time. Really. Don’t rush. Try to write down all the reasons why you begin with it.

Are you feeling motivated again? Yes? Super! Now, try to figure out what are you doing differently – why aren’t you doing the things you wanted to? What’s stopping you?

There’s a pretty big chance that you don’t know the last answer. For some reason, everyday “doings” and “busyness” is taking its part and you just have forgotten your true reasons. And hence you are not motivated and so happy anymore.

That’s totally normal. Especially in business & entrepreneurship, there is that middle step where everything seems hard and not fun. A lot of people decide to quit that moment. But when you push through that, remember your vision and reasons why you started all that, you will succeed. I know that I will succeed. And if you really want, you will too!



It’s important to enjoy the journey too, not just the start. Figure out your motivational triggers! Figure out what you need to change – and do that. If you moved to a new city, don’t settle – go out, discover new places & people. If you started your own business, make your own rules. Forget the society standards. Be your own boss.

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