I have written before why you shouldn’t follow others. Take this article as a sequence to that.

I started thinking about this topic again when I saw how many people started their own FB groups. Like some wildfire. Suddenly everyone needed to have it. Same story with email marketing. Most of the people who you can follow do the same way – some ordinary emails and then they start selling (read more why some authorities lose their value for me >)

I just don’t get it. The fact that everyone does the same things doesn’t mean that you have to do them. I know many people who actually don’t like do moderate their FB group or they don’t like to deal with selling through emails.

There’s always some another way how to do things. The way you like and how you can give the most value to others. This ordinary style (giving with some emails and then asking & asking) is a little bit old-fashioned for me. Yes, I know why they do it…But is it the right way?

You don’t have to do like other people – not like you teachers, friends and people you follow on social media etc. You know what you like to do. Don’t hesitate. Don’t just do wrong things for the sake of it.

Oh, and don’t trust everything that “influencers” say to you. For them, email marketing can work. But for you, maybe it isn’t the right choice. And I can guarantee you that they don’t tell you everything about it. There’s always something that you don’t know about them. We are all different. Our past environment and experiences aren’t the same, therefore we can’t be the same at present moment.

Again, you do you.