Some time ago while watching one video I realized something. I realized why I do not like to interact with some people so much. By the way, I have thought about that “problem” a lot – for some reasons, I prefer to stay away from some persons. It doesn’t mean that I do not speak with them at all, but just most of the time, I prefer not to hang out (or be in the same room) with them.

The reason, you are asking? Different life values. 

Know your values.

I don’t expect that everyone has same core principles with me. Some people values are just so different from mine. And that makes me avoid them.

There are some things that I do not can’t stand. For example – for me, it’s painful to watch when someone uses their time so fu*king unproductively (while they could learn something new, do some work from the side etc.). Or when someone can’t value money enough (spends whenever they get it and after complaints that they do not have it and need to borrow it). And of course, same goes with honesty. When someone has let me down 1-2 times, I tend not to believe them anymore. If you say that you will come to the meeting and you have skipped it two times without a notice, I’ll skip you 🙂 I do not have time for people who don’t value my time.

Personal development.

The easiest way to get to know if you should spend time with someone > Ask this question: Do they help you to grow? After you have spent time with someone, do you feel like you learned something new again? Or after every meeting, you feel like you wasted another hour? If yes, maybe it’s time to rethink if this relationship is good for you. You need people around you who helps you to grow & who you can help to get better.

Gives or takes energy?

And just like with the previous point, same can be said about energy. After spending a couple of hours with someone, do you feel energized or exhausted?

Some people just are energy vampires. They want so much attention and information from you, but same time, you can’t get anything back. And that’s not a fair deal, doesn’t it? Stop being with people like that. If you spend your precious time with people who get you motivated and energized, you will want to level up and push your comfort zone.

Start analyzing every interaction and situation. See what works for you. See who you enjoy being together. See who helps you to level up and who you can truly give value. Stop wasting your time and stop being together with people who don’t deserve it.

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What are your experiences with this kind of things? Would love to hear them! 🙂