A feeling. A gut reaction in response to some kind of external stimuli.

In one way or another, I believe that we all have had stressful moments. Some people deal with it every day, same time, some of us experience it quite seldom.

There are two important questions about stress – what causes stress in your life & what can you do to change something? 

How to live without stress?

Today, I want to talk about the second point – what can you do to change your life better and less stressful.

Of course, there are many different ways, but let’s assume for a moment that you can’t change the situation that causes you stress (if you can change your environments and situation – good for you 🙂 ).

I have talked before about Situation + Your Reaction = Outcome equation HERE & HERE

So…somekind of an external situation is causing you a stress. Now, the question is how not to stress about it?

The answer is actually very simple (but trust me, it works) – decide that this thing isn’t going to cause you any stress. And that’s all (unfortunately some of you now laugh and say that life isn’t that simple. But you know, simple answers are the best – and when you really want to become better, that kind of things work. Of course, you can always be a sceptic, I can’t change that 🙂 ). If YOU decide not to stress about it, you will not do it. Doing it can be hard, at first. But if every time some kind of external stimuli happens and you decide not to stress about it, it will become a habit. It will become normal for you not to stress about it.

Without stress, you can start finding different ways how to get things done or if needed, how to change things better. But if you instantly became stressed, then it’s difficult to find solutions.

My experience

Of course, I have dealt with stressful situations. But as I analyze myself constantly, I try to find ways how to eliminate stress.

Two weeks ago, I started a new project with my agency and because I also needed to finish one another work thing, I instantly started stressing a little bit (I like to call it a mini-stress). And then I started thinking more about this current situation – I actually knew that I manage to finish both projects and there won’t be problems that I can’t solve. And after some time, suddenly I didn’t have any more stress. But only because I decided to not stress about it anymore. And guess what? I managed to finish both projects days before the deadline.

I will give it a shot and try to use this “hack” more and more. But one thing is sure – it works.

What “hacks” do you use to eliminate stress from your life? 🙂