Our lives are constantly changing. We (well, some of us, at least) are working hard to change it better so we can enjoy it more, be more successful, be happy and so one. And often, changes seem to be big “things”. Your life will change when you finish school, move, start a new job or something else.

Small = Big.

But the things is – because we see changes as big things, we forgot that they happen because of small actions.

Small steps lead to big ones.

Without small movements, we couldn’t be able to move big “distances”. Without small, constant improvements, we can’t change our lives better. Small, daily habits create big changes after one year (it can be exercising, eating healthy, personal development etc.).

Often times, we tend not to realize that our lives change so freaking much within months/years when we constantly develop ourselves every day.

Start reflecting your life – try to remember where you were one year ago. Notice good changes? What caused them? Or maybe you realize that you are still in the same spot as before? Well, now is your time.

Read every day. Learn constantly. Be interested. Challenge yourself. Try new things. Improve. Change.

Know & believe that these small, everyday improvements, are creating your future.

My mission.

Many people have had asked me about what I write. Sometimes I say that I love to write about personal development/growth, motivation, habits and things like that. And that’s 100% true.

But couple weeks ago, when I talked with my mentor, I realized consciously that I am writing about small things. About things that change your future when you apply them in your everyday life. These small pieces (here we can talk about habits, motivations, development) are the things that help you to become better, successful, achieve more and overall, be happier – step by step, day by day. I have always known that small thing & changes matters, but I have never looked my writing with this kind of perspective.

I like it – writing about small things that create big results 🙂