A lot of times I have noticed that even when my mood hasn’t been very good all day long for some reason and I haven’t been very productive, I still manage to find that long-searched inspiration and willingness to push forward. To be happy. To do some work. To enjoy the time.

My Inspirational Button

And all that happens every time after one certain reason. I like to call this reason “inspirational button”. Of course, you can call it whatever you like – inspirational place, inspirational activity etc.

For me, it’s … okay, there are actually many things. But usually, a combination of them is the most powerful. These things are – driving, early mornings, evenings, walking.

I love early mornings and evenings. Even when I slack all day, the evening is very motivating time for me. I can just go and walk. Or start a car and drive through a city. For me, nothing can be more relaxing and same time motivating. There’s something in the evenings (driving in the evening is ~10 times more enjoyable than driving during the day – and even then I like it very much, so…). And if I want to get my momentum up for the upcoming day, I like to run in early mornings.

Doing these things help me to get my thoughts clear, enjoy the present and regain motivation & inspiration. It helps me to realize what I need to do and what I really want. And it’s powerful. These small moments can change your world. My best work is done in the evening. For me, doing some work on my laptop, after driving through the city or just enjoying an evening in some cafe, is the best feeling. I just feel energized and nothing disturbs me.

Your Inspirational Button.

Have you noticed what gets you powered up no matter what? If no, start thinking. There’s definitely something that you really enjoy.

After figuring out your “buttons”, start using (or should I say pressing) them whenever you feel like you need to change something to regain your good mood and motivation to work. Or use them when you need to get your head clear from all the thoughts and noise. Try it. It’s worth the shot! 🙂

If it’s no secret, please, let me know what you use to achieve these results? What are your inspirational buttons? Would love to know them! 🙂