We know what we want but we don’t know who we want to be.

And I don’t mean who you want to be professionally (We. You. Me. It doesn’t matter about who we talk). I mean personally, spiritually – who you want to be? What are your basic principles that you follow in your life? Do you have any? What is your life mission?

Just getting and owning things isn’t satisfying us. Yes, in the short term, it is. But in the long term, living while doing the right thing is what matters. This gives you inner power and self-confidence what you need.

Some people like to ask – what is the thing that makes you happy. You don’t need things. If you think you do, you still need to realize some things. When all basic needs are covered, we don’t need things to be happy. Yes, it’s fun and good to have different gadgets etc. (nothing against them), but you can be happy without them too. You can be happy every day. It all depends on how you think.


Value judgments.

Start thinking about your value judgments. What is important to you? What matters? What actually isn’t important? What is the thing you would never do? What do you need to be happy? What are your priorities in life? What are important things to do?

Knowing your values is very helpful throughout your life. It is just like a compass. Whatever situation you have, when you know your values, you know how to act. When you find it hard to make different decisions, your values aren’t aligned properly.


Be consistent with your values.

You can’t make exceptions.

Follow your higher standards.



The day after that.

Every day.


You deserve the best. Realize who you want to be and then make a choice to be happy – always.

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