Have you ever felt that someone is trying to control your decisions or even your whole life? Or inside of yourself, you know that you are trying to influence someone to do things in your way?

When you are controlling someone’s life…

Well…just stop. You can control your own life and doings. You can control your everyday habits, actions and therefore, your future.

But you should never control someone else life because you think you know all the answers and you suggest things that are more suitable for you. We are all living in different environments. We have different dreams and wishes. For god’s sake, we are just different. You can’t force other people to do things that you want. But unfortunately, many people are doing it mentally. They are influencing others with their negativity, skepticism and constant influence.

For example.

Too often, people are trying to pull others down because their life isn’t that good. Their life isn’t so successful. They haven’t done the things that they dreamed about. They haven’t conquered the fear. And you…You are doing everything they haven’t done and achieved. You should never achieve less because other people haven’t had brave enough to do that. Period.

Or someone thinks that you should just live according to their norms. They are (or aren’t) doing something and are 100% sure that you should act just like them. And they are constantly advising you how to act and what to do. Do what you want. Simple.

Or they are just controlling your every step. Try to realize that wanting to know every step of other person is killing them mentally. It’s suffocating them. Often times, this person who is trying to control your life is someone from your family (spouse, parents or even grandparents). If you do not give people freedom, they start looking that from other places.

When you are being controlled…

When someone is trying to control your life, you need to notice it as quickly as possible. For your own good. Listening other people negative advice (because they do not want you to succeed) or their constant whining about your choices is influencing your mind. It makes you more insecure. It creates doubts in your head. It holds you back. It stops you from living your own life. YOUR LIFE.

What to do then?
Well, you can stay away from those people. When that’s not possible or you do not want to do that, use this trick: hear them, but do not listen to them. Acknowledge that they are that type of persons who are dragging you down and thinking more about themselves. And know that you do not let their “advice” disturb you one way or another.

There is also one more thing you can do. Speak with them. Honestly. Say what you think. Say that they are thinking only about themselves. Say that they are controlling the life they shouldn’t. Say that they are being negative all the time instead of thinking positive and seeing solutions.

Tell them that you live your own life. With your own mistakes. With your own successes.