We all spend a lot of time in work. We all have problems to solve. We all have stressful moments. That’s why we also need to unload our brain sometimes to get fresh power.

Where do you need to go to get your head clear? What do you need to do to get your thoughts straight? What needs to happen so you can regain your focus?

These are the questions you should ask yourself if you notice that life gets too stressful and busy. We all have things/actions/places that help us to unload ourselves and make a restart for our brain.

It’s necessary for everyone. Maybe you need it twice a year. Maybe every weekend, maybe even every day. It doesn’t matter. Matters that you know the moments when you need to take a break and what to do to make it happen.

I know many people who go and climb a mountain twice a year for a week. This is time for them to get rid of unnecessary work thoughts and worries, realize what matters, what doesn’t and make an action plan for future months. For them, this is the time when they don’t need to think about everyday problems and small fires. Doing this is an essential part of life for them. This way, they are always on the top of their game at work without being afraid of burnout. That’s the skill of successful people.

A lot of people like to run every day to get their head clear. I love to wait until the evening, put on some music and wander on the streets or drive around the city. For me, this is the thing that relieves my stress, helps me to realize what is actually important and give me new motivation.

What ways do you use to leave everyday problems behind and regain focus and a clear head?