Sometimes, when everything goes according to “plan”, your dreams come true. Those moments are interesting and exciting. When I say dreams in this article, I talk about the big ones, dreams that change your life when they come true. Dreams, that sometimes seems impossible to achieve.

Achieving your dream

I have my life goals (a lot of them), but I only have couple big dreams. Recently, one of them came true. After years of dreaming and working for this direction & months of waiting for it to really happen, it finally came true.

It’s fun feeling. At the very moment, I was very excited. I didn’t know how to react. Outside, I probably seemed non-emotional. Inside, I was crying because of happiness.

But it takes time to really realize that this is it. It INDEED came true. It takes time to digest that feeling. But that’s totally okay 🙂 In my case, I couldn’t fully believe it before it really happened. Well, actually even after a couple of days, it was hard to believe it.

It may be hard to realize suddenly that now you have your dream. Take time to get used to that. That’s normal. After all, they are big dreams, not small ones.

Right time

Fulfilling some dreams might take time. Even when you can’t wait for it to happen. There is a right time.

This year, one quote (which is in German), has touched me so much (this came to me in a very interesting and precise moment, probably that’s why).

“Alles ist fertig. Es muss nur noch gemacht werden”.

What this basically means is that “everything is ready. Now you just need to make it happen”. This quote gave me so much power when I needed that and it is still doing that. I know that all my dreams are ready. Now I just need to work hard and do right things to get to that point. But I know that I do not need to worry if and when I will achieve them. Everything in right time 🙂

Have you managed to achieve some of your biggest life goals? How does that felt?