You need to know what’s happening with your life. You are the only one who is responsible. No-one else can change your life.

Couple days ago, Gary Vaynerchuk tweeted :

“Once you accept … everything is your fault. life becomes a lot more fun and you achieve a lot more”.

Bam! And that’s it. This is how life works.

This wasn’t your clients, boss or spouse fault. It was your fault. And it’s only up to you to react accordingly and change the outcome. There’s no point to accuse someone else. They are doing their thing.

In addition to this…

You need to be self-aware of your situation, especially in next subjects:

Money – if you are not happy with the number you see in your bank account, you need to know that you can’t waste time – you need to work & plan more. Also, you need to be aware that you can’t spend so much when not enough money comes in. Unfortunately, most people get this wrong – they spend more than they can earn. Learn to master the money game.
This isn’t anyone else fault that you have little money. It’s the reflection of your past actions.

Health – If you aren’t happy with your weight, you need to work out (go jogging or running and hit a gym). Without moving nothing changes. Only (!!!) you are responsible for your body – it’s your fault if you aren’t happy with yourself. If you lack energy, notice how much you get to sleep, what do you eat etc. There’s no miracle pill or 7-day diet that will change your health and body. Those Instagram pictures aren’t the truth. Work hard to achieve the body and health you want and be happy with it. But it all takes time. Nothing happens overnight. And nothing comes easily. The main thing is that you will take action!

Emotions – Only you are in control of your emotions. Doesn’t matter what others do and say. If you overreact, then this is your fault. Your emotional intelligence isn’t on the top of the game. If you are constantly sad and moody, change something. Maybe you are sad because of money or health topic. Change something there. It’s all related. You have the opportunity to choose happiness. If you can do something to make your mood better, then do it. But stop waiting some magic moment (for example, when I earn that much money or when I weight x amount of kilograms then I will be happy). PS! Buying junk food or going shopping isn’t the way to boost your mood. For a moment, that helps, but it backfires quickly. You need to get to the root of the problem and realize what causes problems for you.

If you can realize your current situations in these topics and act accordingly, you will make a great favor for yourself.

Remember – everything is your fault and you are responsible for your life. Act accordingly.