It would be an honor to speak at your event. It doesn’t matter if it is a seminar, conference or something third – I always look forward to new places, people, and opportunities. I’m located and hustling usually around Europe countries (and I would love to find time and energy for You!), but I am also opened for speaking in other parts of the world.

Below are topics I would gladly talk about. Contact me for further details.

How to Find Motivation?

Most of us struggle with motivation. It’s hard to get things done and achieve success. Procrastination is holding you back, day after day. Instagram pictures give you a boost, but it actually doesn’t help, am I right? To get yourself really motivated (the way it really works), you need to do things differently. And that’s what I’m going to talk about.

How to Change Your Life Through Habits?

You want to become successful and make your life better. The best way to do it is through habits. During this speak, I’m talking how you can change your life with different habits and how to stick with them.

Personal Development – the Key to the Success?

If I have to pick one thing that has changed my life 180 degrees, then I would say personal development. Why invest your time & money into personal development? How exactly is it going to change your life? How to start and how to keep doing it constantly? I will talk all about that and give you different tips which you can use for your personal growth.

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